Catching Up

Last summer I broke my nose, it was sort of a sharks fault but mostly human error.  I’ll tell you about it soon.  Then I swam in Ketchikan and Sitka, helped host the race there.  When I returned I had surgery on the nose.  During recovery I interacted with some other good swimming friends from around the world and joined up with the Meeting of the Sun group forming an international relay team to try to swim across the Bering Strait.  I’ve joined with the organizing board to help figure out logistics.  There’s the incredibly cold water, the long distance from civilization but then the fun challenge of working with swimmers from all over the world.  I look forward to learning more about our brethren from Russia and the rest of Europe as well as Asia and South Africa.  Of course political issues are a concern and there are visas and permissions that the founders and their “angels’ have worked tireless to secure.  Now we are getting to the “fun stuff’ like press, training and fund raising.  More on that soon too.  I’ll get some pictures and tales from last summer up soon, now that i can breathe again!

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