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For my last swim this year I’m trying something in my Dad’s backyard.  Although its familiar and close to him it appears to be something that’s not been done before, maybe its not glamorous or not what everyone else does and that’s why?  I’m using it to raise funds for chronic pain research.  This is applied research, the RSDSA is holding a conference for researchers and practitioners  in the field who are using non-narcotic approaches (specifically glial nerve support).  They face an uphill battle introducing approaches that may actually make patients like me healthier as well as relieving pain. The approaches work for some with RSD, MS, and chronic pain but the drugs are often off patent and the approach is not being picked up by major drug companies.  So it’s a bit do-it-yourself and go against the common path just like my swim!  Your contribution will help bring these researchers together to share their knowledge on treatment of many complex patients including me!  It should help with understanding some of the mechanisms of pain, inflammation and perhaps even aging.  It will result in a more productive population, many of the sufferers now must be drugged and can’t work or raise a family or contribute to society.  So it’s a cause I am proud and happy to support.  My “practitioner” is Dr. Nancy Sajben and contributions can be made through her website (link here- if the link does not work paste it into your browser)  see the sidebar for more information!

2 thoughts on “RSDSA Fundraising

  1. I also have CRPS/RSD and have had since 2000. For the first 2 1/2 yrs. I was very suicidal as I couldn’t walk during that time. Thankfully now I can.
    I was fortunate to attend the Glial Cell Conference and left there feeling like there is hope for those of us who have this incurable disorder.

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