Brand New Historic Sitka Challenges

Its been a long winter since my last post.  I’ve been working with Dave Nevins on organizing the Sitka Sound Adventure swim (  This will be a fun 10 km (6 mile ) swim in the protected waters of the sound near Sitka (not a crossing like my Aug swim but a nice adventure for all).  
For anyone who has a chance to work in cooler water and enjoys this distance, consider this swim in historic sitka with some great activities such as a harbor tour also planned.  Sitka is a great place to start your Alaska adventure, then head over to Ketchikan for the 8th annual Pennock Island Challenge (8.2 miles of fun swimming or create a relay team).
This winter I also helped form a virtual swim team-Team Rogue but the wave has stirred up lots of muck and we’re waiting for clearer water to swim on!  Also since Jan 1 I’ve been seeing lots of dolphins, more on that soon!