Sitka Sound and Stealth Swims

I see the Sitka Sound swim news is starting to make the news circles all over the world except right here in California .  Here I’m still a “stealth swimmer”.  So in my stealthy fashion I went out with a fellow swimmer for the San Diego coastal swim mission.  The theme of this swim is to swim new places with friends.  I started in November 2007 with people training for the George Young Memorial Relay that we were organizing.  We started near the middle of the county.  I studied the map and selected different areas of the coast for different training swims depending on my needs and the tides and currents (I was sometimes wrong about those).  At least 10 different swimmers from all over the US have joined me on these swims and we’ve covered the county coast now from Oceanside Harbor to Silver Strand state beach.  I did not swim across the channel mouths as I was told by the lifeguards that this is illegal and they were not happy about people trying.  Instead I swam as close as possible to each side (usually tagging the jetty) and if possible swam in or out of the mouth (eg San Diego Harbor its legal seaward of ballast pt so I swam from OB to there).  This swim is not a purist swim, if one swimmer is faster the other uses fins, when it was cold we sometimes wore neoprene caps but we didn’t wear wetsuits or other types of wimpy contraband. 
Last weekend I picked off a little piece from N beach in Coronado to the Zuniga pt jetty, I had been south of there but missed that bit.  So we headed off to pick it off.  The water was hot (the hot down here had been hard to take after the Alaska swims) but we managed.  We confirmed that we must stay 100 yards off the navy beach so we headed out and out finally crossing to the breakwater .  No one seemed to be in the water although the beach was mobbed.  We fought the current out but had a nice ride for the two miles back, the dolphins didn’t’ show until we got back on the beach!  With that down its only the very ends of the county left! 

Claudia Rose

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